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Things To Know About Police Challenge Coins


For many years police and other law enforcement entities have used challenge coins for the celebration of excellence. The custom police challenge coins are unique and of high quality. The use of the custom police challenge coins presents perfect celebration moments to mark excellent service and dedication to duty and community. They are used for recognition as commemorative pieces for outstanding service to the country.The coins are used by agencies, units, and police departments.


Traditionally the practice of giving out challenge coins was a reserve for the military, but it has been adopted by police and other local law enforcement officers. Today, many police departments have formed the habit of creating challenge coins to present to their members who have performed their duties in excellence and honor. The police custom challenge coins can be personalized and given out the same way military handles it in recognition of exceptional service or when celebrating special events. This presentation of police challenge custom coins is done similarly for transitioning service members. Some of the exiting military members enter the civilian sector law enforcement, and as a result, they brought the custom challenge coins with them. Know more about Police Challenge Coins here!


As the popularity of the custom challenge coins increased, fire departments were not left out, and they soon started creating and presenting the challenge coins as well. Some police challenge coins indicate the specific department where the officer services such as Vice, DWI, and K-9 units. One of the benefits of the police custom coins is that they help boost the morale of officers. The coins can be presented casually through the handshake and may not be a formal commendation ceremony.The presentation of the custom challenge coins helps to make outstanding members of the force shine and know that their work is recognized and helpful to the community. Learn more about challenge coins at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coin.


The main objective of the police custom challenge coins is to recognize exceptional service to the force and the entire community. Most police academies now have a similar program where they create their own version of challenge coins, which are then presented on graduation as a commemoration of a job well done. The police custom challenge coins can also be incorporated into other awards like plaques. It is common to see the challenge coins when different police departments work together on a joint operation as a form of greeting as well as a gesture for respect. Be sure to view here!